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We are an exciting new player in Tech HR. We develop software solutions for the gig economy, so companies can easily manage their flexible workforce, and workers have the freedom to work whenever they want, for whom they want. We offer ground-level job opportunities where you will help shape the success of clevergig. This means having a ton of both responsibility and freedom, continuous learning and new experiences for you to take with you in your career.


The gig economy is here to stay. An increasing number of workers is choosing to make a living via several sources of income. And smart companies are shifting to a more flexible workforce to deal with peaks and source specific knowledge. We foresee a future where workers no longer have a fixed role within a single company but are dynamically teamed together from project to project, based on skills, knowledge and staffing needs.


clevergig aims to make a strong contribution to this changing labor market. We wish to enable companies to create an on-demand workforce. And give workers the freedom to do the work they want to do, when they want to do it. To achieve that goal, we are on the lookout for people that share our passion for the gig economy. People that love the startup world and its inherent challenges. While building our team we care more about skills, experience, and attitude than we do about college degrees. We don’t believe in strict hierarchies and org charts, but in taking ownership and accountability. In successfully completing projects and tasks by teaming together the right talent at the right time, from both internal and external sources.


  • Simplicity: running a business and life itself is complex enough as it is. And technology can sometimes be overwhelming. We believe that technology should make life easier and our product is here to do just that. Simplicity is a major driver in our product design and user interface and in interacting with our customers
  • Freedom: both our customers, their workers and our staff value freedom. It is thus a key principle in our client proposition and our own HR policy. We believe that the best results are achieved with intrinsic motivation, supported by proper goals and incentives. How to achieve those results is up to you and you are free to work whenever you want, from wherever you want
  • Customer obsessed: we start with the customer and then work backward. We believe that word of mouth is ultimately the most powerful customer acquisition tool we have. We spend a lot of time listening and talking to them and absorbing their feedback to make our product stand out

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Inside Sales representative
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • Help shape the future of clevergig
  • High degree of responsibility
  • Work whenever, from wherever
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Room for initiative and growth


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